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Most students who take medical coding certification exams fail for one very simple reason, which is shocking when you think about it: not having enough time to finish. This is especially true for the AAPC CPC or AHIMA CCS-P exam, if you look around forums and see just how many comments there are of people not being able to finish.

With that in mind, here’s a top-notch medical coding exam prep package review I’ve written earlier. Introducing Laureen Jandroep’s “Deluxe CPC Exam practice package”.

2014 Deluxe CPC Exam Practice Package
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What is it ?

The Deluxe CPC Exam Practice Package is designed to prepare you for the AAPC CPC or AHIMA CCS-P medical coding certification exam. The core of this package are the 2 sets of 150 questions (300 questions total) practice exam modelled after real exam questions that can trip you up in the exam hall. They all come with answer sheets that explains the correct answer. Included in the package are all the guides, strategies, and tips in ebook, video, and newsletter form to maximize your chance of success. See here for the long list of everything you’ll receive for free.

Who is it for ?

This product is laser-targeted for medical coding students about to go for the AAPC CPC or AHIMA CCS-P certification exam. So this deluxe cpc exam practice package is for you if you:

- Want to finish AAPC CPC/AHIMA CCS-P exam with time to spare
– Need to practice your time management strategies
– Work on your coding speed and accuracy
– Taking the CPC exam the first time
– Retaking it after failing the CPC exam

What is good about it ?

This is the most comprehensive cpc practice exam package I’ve seen so far designed to coach you to success. This deluxe package gives you 2 exams (150 questions x 2 = 300 questions + answers + bonuses) for the price of 1 lesser exam products elsewhere. It’s also an instantly downloadable product so no shipping hassles and delays.

Remember that this is a product under Laureen’s medical coding education products brand, so you can be sure it is proven to get results. Here’s a sample of the testimonials:

I took my CPC exam last week. I just got the results and I passed the first time!!!…Mary

Thanks to the practice exams I was able to pass the CPC and CCA exams on the first take…Marc

I used your practice exam bundle and passed the first time!…Linda

Click here to read them in full.


One of the most important thing you can do to help you pass the medical coding certification exam on your first or next try is to do as much practice exams as possible. And you have to do it under conditions as if you’re sitting in the exam hall. After all, when you develop a pace of answering questions it makes it easier to concentrate on the questions and not time management. This deluxe package is highly recommended, and the special pricing on offer now is too good to resist when you consider how expensive it can be from other providers. Click on the image below to find out more now.

2014 Deluxe CPC Exam Practice Package
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