ICD-10 encourages medical coders to use computer assisted coding tools

Research firm KLAS released a new report and found that nearly half of healthcare providers surveyed plan to purchase an inpatient computer assisted coding (CAC) product within the next two years. This is mostly driven by worries that the switch to ICD-10 will affect staff productivity and efficiency without bringing new technology.

KLAS found that among the CAC vendors being considered by inpatient organizations are 3M, whose 360 Encompass is an integrated, all-in-one product featuring an encoder, grouper, and CAC; OptumInsight, which recently acquired A-Life, a vendor of CAC products for outpatient and inpatient settings; and Dolbey, which offers a speech-recognition CAC product. Other vendors include Precyse, QuadraMed, Platocode, M*Modal, Cerner, and CodeRyte.

More information at link below.

Reference: Information Week Health Care

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